Here at the Wargames Holiday Centre there have been a few new additions. These fine command stands were painted and based by David Balfour.

Hurrying with reinforcements

Above:Trumpeter is an old Foundry figure, while the Commander is from Perry.

Only from the rear this time, I'll get him from the front on the next outing.

Above: Both Perry Figures this time.

Lovely little vignettes, they are mostly Perry metal figures and foundry miniatures, which are surprisingly close in size as you can see.

Acting as General Doubleday no less, on the day of Gettysburg

Above: Standard Bearer is a Foundry Mini while the General is a Perry Mini.

Thank you very much for the additions David, they fought extremely well at the Gettysburg game.

Acting as Ewell in this instance, unfortunately in the game he got mortally wounded.

Great game with another You tube extravaganza on it expected soon.

A different angle.