Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Good news Generals, the first weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre has sold out! (Don’t worry, this happens regularly with our popular Battles, that’s why we run two of each in the year.)

Cavalry Commander

British Cavalry Commander of the 1st Cavalry Brigade, Major General Somerset

So we figured that as this is the first one at the new Wargames Holiday Centre and it’s one of our favourite Napoleonic battles we’d do something special to share it with all those who couldn’t get a place.

Duke of Brunswick Uhlans

A squadron of Uhlans from the Duke of Brunswicks contingent

So, how can you make something like this special? Well how about inviting all the people who are genuinely interested in the Battle or the period along to share the experience. Great!! How’d you do it though, it might be a large venue, but think of the sandwiches we’ll need!

British Guards

A Commander of the British 1st Division Major General Sir George Cook

Nope that would not do.

So my friends at Jupiter Colour came up with a fantastic idea, lets post the event…..LIVE! That means throughout the battle there will be regular updates, from Hougomont to Plancenoit, the movement of the troops will be relayed live to this website.

17th Line Regiment

A British Line infantry regiment 

You will now be able to check on the progress of the French attacking the Chateau of Hougomont, or the allied defenders of La Haye Sainte. There will be progress reports of how the Prussians are progressing. What forces are diverted to stop them, will Grouchy take the initiative and arrive at the field of battle? If he does, what about the remaining Prussian Corps?

It’ll be all to play for!

Don’t forget to tune in.

I’ve started cleaning up the ACW collection and while doing so was suitably impressed with the cavalry collection, so much so I wanted to share them with you.

Confederate charge, with supporting regiment.

A confederate regiment charging in line with a supporting regiment also in line.

We have over three thousand infantry figures, over two hundred cavalry and two hundred artillery including gun pieces. The whole collection is superbly painted and based, to a very high standard. I wanted to start here with the cavalry. I have always loved the look of the cavalry uniforms of the American Civil War, particularly the early war, as later on the Confederacy became a little less uniform.

A line of Union cavalry skirmishing.

A Union regiment of cavalry skirmishing ahead of their horseholders.

Here at the Wargames Holiday Centre we have an amazing variety of manufacturer ranges, there are several regiments of dismounted cavalry as well as several mounted regiments of both the protagonists.

Texas Cavalry dismounted

A confederate cavalry regiment dismounted and opening fire.

Our preferred set of rules is Fire & Fury, they seem to reflect the period very well and given the number of figures we have at our disposal we can field all the major battles of the period.

First Virginia lined out and ready for the charge.

The 1st Virginia cavalry regiment.

The battles offered over the coming year feature the East and West theatre. The first being Gettysburg, then Chancellorsville and Shiloh.

Union Cavalry charging.

A Union regiment of cavalry charging headlong. “Come on you Wolverines!”

I’ve uploaded additional photos of the ACW cavalry on to our Gallery, take a look.