Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Our ever popular Napoleonic Battle.  The Sun of Austerlitz shines.

Can you stop Napoleon, or will you outwit the Allied command.


Armies of 8,000 points using 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Bring an army, has to be fully painted and join one of the biggest linked battles games of the ever popular Fantasy rules.

This proves exceptionally popular, so book early.



Another of our Napoleonic favourites. This is a “what if” set during 1813, if the Allies had caught the French before the Battle of Dresden.

You choose the Corps from a selection available and change history!

Go on, give it a go.


Here is a great chance to play out Dave Brown’s ACW rules.  This always proves popular, so book early.



This is a great game for the weekend.

Fought on 3-5 May 1811. This time around we will be playing it through using the ever popular Black Powder rules.

Can you defeat Massena as Wellington, or bring victory for the French.


Here is another chance to play out one of our Ancient Weekends.


  • Gabiene/Paraitakene – on successive days on the same table we will refight the two great battles between Alexander’s secretary Eumenes and Antigonus the one-eyed.
  • Ruspina 48 BCE – Caesar’s hungry recruits must fight their way through a vast host of angry Numidians.



and three large games:


  • Battle of the Sabis 57 BCE – Whilst setting up camp, Caesar is surprised by the Nervii.
  • Second Mantinea 371 BCE – Thebes vs. Sparta- Epaminondas’ swansong.
  • Battle of the Frigidus 394 CE – When the Eastern and Western Romans clash, the only winner will be the barbarians!

You’ll get to play each game at least once.


Go on, treat yourself.