Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.


The first run of this Campaign was so popular we had to turn people away, never a good thing!  As a consequence we thought we’d run it again!  The second public Chain of Command Campaign weekends with a series of linked battles set during the Blitzkrieg through France in 1940.  Featuring engagements between French Forces and Wehrmacht at the Battle for Stonne.

There will be up to 5 games over the weekend culminating in a huge engagement.  All applying a blend of CoC and Big CoC.


Dave Docherty is bringing his renowned collection of Figures to present Sudan Mini Campaign.  Over 2,500 figures!  Will you step up to the plate and rescue Mrs Fotheringham from the besieged City!  There are cataracts to navigate, deserts to cross and the constant threat of the Mahdist forces, ready to swoop at a moments notice!


5 battles – Using the now famous ruleset -To the Strongest!

  • Second Mantinea 362 BCE – Nine years after the defeat at Leuctra, the Spartans might be about to learn a second expensive lesson in tactical innovation at the hands of Epaminondas’ Theban steamroller.
  • The Trebbia – 218 BCE – The first battle of the Second Punic War – Hannibal and his transalpine elephants vs. the might Republican Rome.
  • Ruspina – 46 BCE – “Numidians, sir, thousands of ‘em!” Asymmetric warfare as legionaries take on hordes off lightly-armed but highly mobile Africans.
  • Second Bedriacum – Late in the Year of the Four Emperors, two Roman armies fight through the night to determine the fate of their Emperors. Special rules will model the confusion of a night action. Will the Flavians survive to greet the dawn?
  • The Battle of Soggy Bottom, 1643 in 28mm using the new “For King and Parliament” rules. A somewhat larger version of the Salute game, if you saw that.


The Battle of Dennewitz 1813, the Prussians engage the remnants of the once Grande Armee  Marshal Ney encounters his old comrade Bernadotte.  Plenty of variety with the French troops and iron discipline and vigour with the Prussians.

Prince Galitzin.

Prince Galitzin.

Here we have a great opportunity to play out one of our “Whatif” Battles, set this time in 1813 in Russia.  Napoleon did not over commit in 1812. Instead pulling back to Smolensk and re-organising and resting his troops.  The new year brought new opportunity and new goals.  Battles at Moscow and St. Petersburg means engagements with new Corps and lots of it!

37mm flak

The Great Mistake

In the autumn of 1944 the Allies took the Antwerp docks but failed to secure the coastal approaches to the port and thereby secure the sea lanes and cut the German army line of retreat. In hindsight, historians have called this “The Great Mistake”.

Can you as the Allies cut off the German 15th Army as it retreats into Holland? Or can the German player replicate the amazing recuperative powers of the German Army and hold the British/Canadian forces in check?

The Allies have 1st Airborne Division available and the Germans some of the new Panzer Brigades.

Success for the Allies means a Rhine crossing in 1944 is possible, defeat a return to a costly winter stalemate.

This is a new WW2 game and offers players something different. Rapid Fire rules are used with our in house amendments. These have proved popular in the past and for the novice are easily picked up. Highly recommended.