Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out a new method of battle reporting with some short video. Taken during key parts of the battle, these may only show a minute or two of the game as I didn’t want to bore people with my monotone droning voice.

Neuchatel Battalion Crossing the Bridge

Connoisseur Miniatures French infantry painted as Neuchatel infantry, ( I know there wasn’t that many of them, but they look good right?).

The “Youtube” site will allow you to subscribe to the WHC channel, ensuring you get updated each and every time I post a new video. So you really can maintain a realtime view of the battles as they happen.


Landwehr from the Elite Miniatures range, moving into a village during our recent 1815 linked battles week.

Hopefully the video link on the Wargames Holiday Centre website will allow you to view this one and then subscribe to the channel.

These are a firm favourite at the Wargames Holiday Centre, Connoisseur Miniatures French painted as the “Irish Legion”.

Right I am off to refight Arnhem now, will 2 Para hold out until relieved? You’ll know if you subscribe to the channel….;-)

See you again Monday

Well here’s the latest piccies from the Marengo game.

Crossing the Fontanone

The French counter attack across the Fontanone.

The French had the better of the first part of the battle and began a counter attack upon the arrival of Desaix.
The Guard

French Imperial Guard, doubling up as their predecessors.

These Guard are from the Bicorne Miniatures range. Painted and based by Doug Mason, he painted the flags by hand as well. A really fantastic regiment.

French Hussars crossing the Fontanone by Marengo

French Hussars crossing the bridge by Marengo village.

These beauties are from the Old Glory Limited edition set, they were released around 18-20 years ago and as it said, were limited. To my knowledge they also released Chasseur et Cheval, French and Austrian line. They came with seperate heads for variety and a unique posing capability at the time. These were painted by Doug as well. They need some pinning as the tet of time hasn’t been kind, but once that’s done, all good to go.

Well until tomorrow.

I’ve been writing battle reports for a while and thought I’d offer something of a change. Whenever a battle is played out there is always a loser, or a loser of a winning draw, which seemed to be a favourite at the Wargames Holiday Centre. I believe that you all really want to see pictures of nice figures, with great terrain and some lovely looking flags, right?
So I wanted to try something a little different. Throughout my “Pic of the Day” I’ll be offering snippett’s of information and pictures from our games and leave the piecing together for yourselves.

69th Demi Brigade

Some accurately dressed French from our recent Marengo game.

I’ll still be offering as much information on the figures in the pictures as possible. The image above has figures from Bicorne (Bicorne French, no pun intended) and Elite Miniatures French infantry, painted up as Tirrailleurs du Po.

French defend the Fontanone

French infantry defending the Fontanone. Elite miniatures on the left, Connoisseur Miniatures on the right.

Close up.

A close up of the above image, again Elite miniatures on the left, Connoisseur Miniatures on the right.

I also like the way some of the various manufacturers can blend in with each other. These Austrian Command figures look great amidst the Connoisseur and Elite Miniatures.

Austrian Command

Austrian Command, Front Rank Miniatures, artillery by Connoisseur, while all the rest of the figures are from the Austrian Elite Miniatures collection.h5>

I’ll be bringing more soon.

The French Guard Light cavalry from our recent Waterloo campaign, these chaps are from the Connoisseur Miniatures range. I believe they were all painted and “Tweaked” by Doug Mason. The basing is by Stephen Scott.

Lancers and Chasseurs of the Guard.

The advance of the Imperial Guard Light cavalry. Note the Polish (Elba) squadron at the rear.

Close up

A close up of the same formations.

More tomorrow.

Here is a lovely looking Elite Miniatures Austrian Hussar squadron. Painted by Doug Mason back in the day, they are all slightly tweaked, have been pinned and certainly look great.

Austrian Hussars.

Austrian Hussars looking to outflank the French.

German Infantry

German infantry painted and based by Chris Cornwell.

Here’s some Elite Miniatures Austrian Infantry, the flag is a GMB Designs, the best out there in my honest opinion! I also think it’s worth pointing out that Chris has come up with a very simple, yet effective way of painting white. He uses army painter soft tone over white then highlights heavily wth an off white. I think they look fantastic.

More tomorrow

Well just a quick glimpse of some more of our WWII vehicles. These images were taken during more of our play testing of the rules for early war.


A 38t looking for concealment from the enemy armour.

Over the next few days I am running an extended weekend for a group of gamers here at the Wargames Holiday Centre, so will not be available for the Pic of the Day. I’ll be back on Monday however.


Recce can work very well under the Flames of War rules, these fella’s are sitting on one of the objectives, obviously a key bridge.

Till Monday TTFN