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Toward the end of November last year I played host to a bunch of lads who came along as part of the General de brigade weekend. Salamanca was the choice of battle this time and there was certainly a lot of Troops on the table. We played it with a ratio of one to one Battalion wise….that is a lot of troops!

The opening of the Battle followed a historical thread with the French hit hard at the head of the column. This proved to be a real tough nut for the French but they held on.

The Battle was really hard fought, the Allies smashed into the leading French Columns, who initially. looked like collapsing! The lead battalions fell back rapidly but some stern defence by this following up ensured that the French could turn to face the Allied lines and give them a dose of their own medicine.

All Connoisseur Miniatures figures here, the range is a very broad and widely varied range. The site also includes other manufacturers such as Bicorne and Firing Line Miniatures. I have to say that Firing Line have an excellent range of French and their allies in their stock, they come with separate heads, which really allows some great flexibility.

Volleys were exchanged along the lines.

The Allied position was quite flexible, with a good deal kept in reserve while still applying decent pressure.

Eventually the quality began to tell! The British attacks were causing heavy casualties on the French lines!

The Hinge in the French Line was pressed mercilessly by the British, although the French efforts in opening this up were exemplary! The French troops pluckily fought on with mounting casualties. Hats off to the lads from Devon that were pressing the Allied line in this effort!

One of my favourites, just for the character! New flags and a lick of varnish had these boys holding the line in the face of adversity.

The pressure on the leading French divisions was relentless all weekend, at one point we had to utilise the shelf system here to transfer the boards into the gap between the tables to help establish what was going on!

This shows the Allied line in the distance which the French were advancing into!

One of the nicest battalions of British Guards, Front Rank Miniatures painted by the very talented One man and his brushes Flags are all GMB Designs

Well I hope you all like it! This year Mr Brown is thinking of a WWII battle, stand by for updates!