Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.


The Battle of Borodino, a panoply of colour and style! French, Italian, Wurttemburg Saxon and Russian troops. The Great Redoubt, the Fleches and the crash of the Guns!

A great battle fought using In the Grand Manner rules.


Regimental Fire & Fury at it’s best! The battle in around Devils Den, can you take Hoods Texans to victory! Or hold them at bay with the Union War Machine!


Some of Napoleons greatest battles for the Napoleonic Wars.

A recent thaw in 1814 has turned the fields to quagmires, the terrain is now as deadly as the enemy in places.

The two battles are combined over the weekend.

Great Battles, full of action and diversity.


Scenario, Operation Bagration: 1944

After Minsk fell, by 8th July the majority of the encircled German 4th Army, had been destroyed east of the city in the Belorussian forests. Soviet spearheads were already 110 miles to the west, chasing fleeing fragments of divisions. The next day the Lithuanian capital Vilnius was surrounded by the Soviet 5th Army, with 15,000 Germans trapped in the city. As the Soviets began to fight their way in, Field Marshal Model prepared to risk an unauthorized rescue mission. The Soviet forces although victorious, were weakened by their spectacular advances and failing logistics, giving Model an opportunity. Forming “fire brigade” Kampfgruppen, the counterattack was launched on 12th July, making contact with the breakout forces from Vilnius and saving 3,000 men.

Both sides are at the end of their tether and this will make for an evenly matched and exciting battle. Our scenario will concentrate on the German attempts to extricate themselves from a salient created by their advance to Vilnius, whilst the Soviets, still more powerful, attempt to destroy them.


As usual we will be putting our own slant on history to give everyone the opportunity for a challenging and enjoyable game.


Set during 1813 after the armistice. Austria has thrown her lot in with the Allies and numerous Corps of troops are now thrown into the maelstrom of the 1813 campaign.

Set with a limited number of places, this is a real challenge for any Napoleonic gamer. Thousands of figures, beautifully painted on our world famous terrain.

Contact me for an information pack.


Here’s a chance to refight our ever popular Gettysburg. Using the popular Fire & Fury Regimental rules, and Brigade strength size units this combination allows us to represent at a detailed level the events of the 2nd and 3rd July.

Buford has already stopped the Confederate forces in their tracks. Lee then amasses the Rebs for the assault that will go down in history. Will you as Meade stop the Confederates, or as Lee will you devise a better plan for success.

The results have been fairly even so far, with the Union winning slightly more of the games than the Rebs.

There are ten places available, so book early!