Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Battle of Talavera, where Wellington’s ally deserted him en-masse and yet he managed to beat the French in turn!

Can you repeat his performance, will the Spanish stay, could you manage to turn the tide of history and win as the French.


Archduke Charles’s greatest triumph, did he beat Napoleon?

Your chance to pit the might of the Hapsburg Empire against that of the upstart Napoleon.

This is a fantastic battle of the Napoleonic Wars, a firm favourite here at the WHC.aspern

This weekend will see the roll out of the Battle of Blenheim as tribute to Don Featherstone.

There will be a weekend full of Marlburian action, refighting the battle of Blenheim using the popular Black Powder rules.

There will be a jacket and tie Dinner with after dinner speakers and the regaling of Gentlemanly deeds performed throughout the first day of Battle!

Spaces are limited, so make sure you book early.blenheim

After the landings this is the continued fighting taken on in Normandy!

Our ever popular Rapid Fire weekends, with our own slight adjustments.dday2

Lutzen, a near run thing Marshal Neys Corps caught unawares, Napoleon converging to the sound of the guns.

Can you smash the French as they appear at the battle or will you triumph as the French.

A very popular re-inforcing battle, utilising the full remit of the Russian and Prussian armies as well as the French in all their glory!

Book early!!lutzen

Dresden 1813, Saxony.  The Allies have attacked one of the two main supply depots for the French and Napoleon is converging to show them the error of their ways.

A firm favourite here at the WHC!  The pouring rain sometimes limiting visibility, movement and firing, while the battles for redoubts and the Gross -Garten rages!!dresden