Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Last pictures before the open weekend. The weekend has display games of Waterloo, D-Day and an ACW battle from the Wilderness campaign.

Another view of Blenheim

Another look at Blenheim from earlier this year at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Just until I get photoshop installed again, here ae a few more photos from earlier this year, these are Armoured infantry from the WWII collection.

Platoon of Gepanzerte

Gepanzerte from our late war collection.

The fighting from one of our ACW games

Fighting from one of our ACW battles.

I am on holiday for a ouple of weeks now, so the intention is to return on 29th August after the Aspern Essling weekend. There will be a video update for the battle and I will also be running features on the new figures which Doug Mason has recently provided to the WHC and a look at TQD Castings in our recent Arnhem game.

I thought I’d show some of our town piccies along with a bit more of the German kit.

Outskirts of Arnhem

German infantry moving into the suburbs of Arnhem.

We had the equivalent of seventeen battalions of German infantry around Arnhem the landing zone and Oosterbeek, that’s not counting the SS recon and armoured units. The British had the equivalent of fourteen, a very tough fight all in all.

Local Air support

German air cover move in to ensure the British Air get nowhere near the German armour.

Our air combat rules ensured that only some of the British air support sorties got through.

Arnhem defence

Defence in depth, the 6pdr anti-tank guns are revealed from ambush

The Reigate club are here at the Wargames Holiday Centre en masse, they want to run out some of their own figures and terrain and introduce me to the “Rapid Fire” ruleset, more on that later.

Arnhem was played out here at the Wargames Holiday Centre this last weekend and what a game. The British Paras and Air Landing put up a real stiff resistance, holding until relieved, did they make it? Did XXX Corps arrive in time or was it a push over for the German forces?


Typhoons make it to the Air Landing Zone, hoping to protect them from the marauding Focke Wulf patrols.

Graebner's heavies

Graebner’s heavy support attempting to support the crossing over the bridge.

Landing Zone

The LZ before the contesting.

Mortar support

Mortar Support for the Air Landing Brigade.

The view of Oosterbeek

The view of Oosterbeek from the North of Arnhem

More on the fight for Arnhem tomorrow, you can also see it on our Youtube channel, just search for “Wargameshc Arnhem”.

Well here’s the last of the Napoleonic pics for a week or so, Arnhem in 20mm is in the workshop awaiting photos.

Prussians at Wavre

Here are some ol’ style Landwehr from Connoisseur and Hinchliffe, good stuff waiting to get stuck in.

These are the Prussians manoeuvreing at the battle of Ligny, the Prussians were given a morale of 2 for the Landwehr, while maintaining the militla status for firing and melee.

Combined grenadier battalion.

Here’s one of our Combined Grenadier battalions, these are available to represent some of the formations where the French combined their Grenadiers for the campaign.

These chaps are from the Connoisseur range. I am not sure of the Command base, this sould be a combination and has been converted a bit.

More tomorrow, although we’re switching to WWII for a bit.

A very atmospheric view for me. There is something about these WWII pictures that…just sometimes when you view them, they’re almost like a still from a history book.

Very evocative

German Recce

German reconnaissance, on the road south of Arras

More in the near future.

Important notice, the following weekends have been fully booked or have had the battle originally featured changed.

Shiloh – 22nd July, Fully Booked by the Austrian contingent, however they want to play…yes you guessed it, Waterloo.

Talavera – 7th October, has been fully booked and the featured battle changed to Goodwood in 54mm, (yes you read that right, 54mm all 420 square feet will be used, including the gaps, as the head Good ol’ Boy is creating board to go in the gaps) by the Good ol’ boys.

Borodino – 21st October, the weekend has been booked by the Loughton Strike Force members only. The weekend will feature the General de Brigade ruleset.

Before the Storm

Recent game of our Waterloo anniversary.

That’s it for now.