Please note I will not be hosting any Public events from 31st January 2023. Nothing too drastic from our side, just need a break.

I’ll be providing updates when we’re back, here and on my social media platforms.

Thank you for all the custom and friendship this has brought me to date.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon, both new and old customers.

Here are some glimpses of the Marlburian battles fought over the last two years.

The Swiss engage the Prussians in a close firefight, the wool denotes that the units are locked in a firefight.

An overview shot of some action between Dutch troops and the Bavarians.

Another aerial shot showing a great view of one of the battles.

The action picks up during Ramillies, with Prussians engaging The Wild Geese.

The Prussian Line advances relentlessly.

Prussian Battalions advance into the gap between the dense woodland.

The French Maison du Roi hold their fire against the advancing British.

The first moves during Malplaquet.

Part of the battlefield of Ramillies

Allied troops assault the redoubts

The centre of the line at Malplaquet.

More tomorrow.

I decided to get some better images of the lovely Command stands kindly done for the Wargames Holiday Centre by Mr Dean Whitehouse. I took the last lot while the Spremberg game was underway and they just didn’t do them justice! Some were quite blurred!

I took a couple of photos of this fella, sadly this is the only decent one that came out.

Brian if you’re watching I would appreciate another go at this chap, he is a great mini diorama.

Here is another shot of one of Deans command stands in action, this time playing as commander of the Russian Cavalry at Borodino.

Prince Galitzin.

So here goes with some better ones I hope.

I will be adding more soon.

I recently had a guy ask why I haven’t updated the website, “well it’s mainly due to time on my side”, I said, he was then joined by a chorus of chaps complaining that they look at it, visiting it regularly in the vain hope of an update…well! Due to their positive criticism I am going to make a concerted effort to update the website with images from the recent games and show more of the size of the battlefields and some of the new kit we have been receiving.

The start of the Battle of Waterloo.

The Prussians arrive in force.

Ney leads another assault on to the ridge with d'Erlon's Corps

The battle rages over the villages of Sombreffe and Plancenoit

Let me know what you think of it! Or if you have nay requests, just let me know.