What is the structure of the event

You’ll start by booking your weekend with us, you’ll need to pay a £30 deposit to us by bank transfer or cheque (a bit archaic I know), just pop it in the post to us. I will then provide you with an information pack that provides details on how to get to us. It will also provide you with the contact details of the hotel we use, the Holiday Inn, Basingstoke. www.hibasingstokehotel.co.uk I will reserve the room for you, we offer Twin and single accommodation, you just need to settle your bill upon departure.

During the course of the days you can expect Bed & Breakfast, then elevenses, lunch of filled rolls or sandwiches. Tea and Coffee refreshments along with cold drinks will be available all day. In the evening you are free to join the other gamers in discussing the feats of heroism! There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Basingstoke, a vast array of eateries and pubs. There is a shopping complex with a Cinema and even more restaurants just up the road from the Hotel You pays your money, you makes your choice. The next day you’ll have to do it all over again… great!!

The Important bit!

A full weekend event -£170.00

A long weekend (Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon) – £250

A full week event – £450.00

Accommodation at the Holiday Inn is at the following rates – £57 per night, for a single room and £33.50 per night if you share a twin room with a friend. All these rates include a full English breakfast


In summary a full weekend, using thousands of great looking figures, terrain and buildings, arriving on the Friday afternoon and then stopping over on Saturday night as well will only cost you £284.00. You choose the battle, you choose the side you want to play!

A bit of a bargain when you consider the cost of a night out on the town.

I would like to say that the wargame holiday centre has been my outstanding gaming event of the year for me as you can’t beat the superb terrain and figure collection.The games have always been well thought out and played in a great spirit and I know the new venue will be no different as the new organiser has always been a fun friendly gamer just don’t let him guard your flank!!

Grant Pettit, Newquay