Coming up over the course of the coming year I have a host of new weekends for the WWII. We’ll be using our own set of rules derived from all the good things in the WWII rules fraternity. The point is large games played fluidly and over huge tables!

German Armour.

First up this year is the battle of Arnhem on the 24th and 25th March, this will be the chance to play a one day game starting at 09.30 and finishing at 19.30 on the Saturday and then repeat the process again on the Sunday.

French Infantry in our France 1940 game.

Assault on the woods in our 1940 game, last year.

Last year I ran this as a complete weekend with huge success, Frost held out at the bridge right up yto the eighth hour, the air landing held on until late in the day while the battle for Oosterbeek raged. So offering one day’s twice, start to finish will allow people to get an experience of the WWII game.

Panzer III in our 1940 game.

Somua's making the flank attack.

Next I have Kursk, with a part of the Northern salient, July 13th to 15th, this will allow the involvement of our new Italian forces as well as German and the ubiquitous Russians. The rolling plains of Russia will be the stage with whole regiments of T34’s rolling on to the Semovente’s, Panzer IV’s and StuG’s. Well just to name a few!

Kursk offensive begins in our Prokhorovka game.

Sturmovik attack at Kursk.

PZIV with anti-aircraft guns.

In October we have a real festival of WWII, on 5th-7th October we have Operation Bagration, with a weekend of fighting to stop the advancing Russians in the late war theatre. The week after this on the 14th-19th October we have our very first week long campaign, which will be the assault on Sicily.

German armour moving through town.

This will include support factors, if you’re winning as the Germans, Hitler may re-inforce, if you are doing well as the Allies, more reserves may be allocated, there will be an element of political intrigue where the Italians may drop out sooner than they did historically.

Kursk break through.

There is a hand drawn map of the island with the possibility of every type of game, beach assaults, air drops, tank battles and infantry assaults, it’s all there! We’ll have all our new American and Italian forces available for the campaign obviously. This is proving to be of great interest so confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

Russian observers

Last but not least we have the drive on Remagen bridge on the 9th-11th November, great action pitting Americans against the dogged defence of the Germans. Al the late war armour, air cover, German armour and anti-tank, while the poor bloody infantry drive on to the bridge!

It’s an old cliche, but never the less true, these are filling up fast our Week campaign has only half the commnads left available, so if you fancy a piece of the action get in touch.

Until next week.