37mm flak

The Great Mistake

In the autumn of 1944 the Allies took the Antwerp docks but failed to secure the coastal approaches to the port and thereby secure the sea lanes and cut the German army line of retreat. In hindsight, historians have called this “The Great Mistake”.

Can you as the Allies cut off the German 15th Army as it retreats into Holland? Or can the German player replicate the amazing recuperative powers of the German Army and hold the British/Canadian forces in check?

The Allies have 1st Airborne Division available and the Germans some of the new Panzer Brigades.

Success for the Allies means a Rhine crossing in 1944 is possible, defeat a return to a costly winter stalemate.

This is a new WW2 game and offers players something different. Rapid Fire rules are used with our in house amendments. These have proved popular in the past and for the novice are easily picked up. Highly recommended.