Recently I received the latest copy of the Wargames Illustrated magazine this has an article on the 15mm figure extravaganza that was re-played here using the General de Brigade rules. The battle was Leipzig at 15mm scale it made our 500 square feet 2/5ths bigger yet again in scale! Loads of room for manoeuvring and getting thousands and thousands of figures on the tables!

Why 15mm, well the guys that come along to the Centre once a year have huge collections of their own, all beautifully painted and based and as Dave Brown said, “imagine how much space it will create dropping a scale from the usual 28mm”!

Well the article has encouraged me to post some of the pictures that were missed out from the magazine. The articles this month are excellent, several focussing on the 1813 battles. Pictures are also superb, so well worth a look!

Here are a few of the pictures that were omitted, just to wet your appetite.

I hope you have enjoyed them.

I run a number of events here at the Centre which are never advertised due to cubs booking the facilities to re-enact their own periods or use their own rulesets. I offer club discounts and am flexible on what you use, whether it be all the facilities, some or just the table space, give me a call if you always fancied playing Marston Moor at a 10:1 scale or Agincourt!! for example. I will be happy to help.