Good morning chaps,

I wanted to provide you all with an update, I have had quite a few questions recently regarding the Wargames Holiday Centre. I wanted to address some of these if I may.

The Centre is open all year round, I provide scheduled battles as advertised that clubs or individuals can book a place on. A lot of the Generals attending over the years have been individuals, maybe more of them than clubs to be fair, making new friends from the like minded individuals they meet here. There is no problem if you wanted to come along alone or with your friends, you can be on different sides or on the same side, the choice is yours.

The weekends are not the be all and end all of what we offer, I am hosting an Ancients campaign weekend later this year, there are a couple of clubs booking the centre for the day during the week to play out some of their own big battles.

Over the last year I have had clubs book up the entire weekend, change the game they want to play, ignoring what was on the calendar, some even changed the period. The General de Brigade guys are prime examples of this, bringing their own rules system and club members along to the Borodino weekend and doing it their way!

Some more events in the future will be the campaign weeks that will be on offer. New to the calendar will be the Siciliy campaign, set during the allied invasion of Sicily it incorporates the political aspect of whether the Italians will capitulate early, or change sides? If the German players show a good deal of success will Hitler provide them with additional support in order to crush the invasion?

There will be the notional race for Messina between the Allies, will the British or American get there first? There’s also the aspect of the full spectrum of WWII scenarios with Beach assaults, air drops and tank battles all will be played out over a five day extravaganza. We have a large map being prepared in order to facilitate all the action for both sides!

As for the troops, we have the full range of Italian, German, British and American troops available! It should be fantastic!

There will also be a Napoleonic Campaign week in September, last year the 1808 Peninsular War proved a great success, this year the 1812 campaign will be the feature. Up to fourteen individuals will be coming together to re-fight the battles of 1812.

Due to the battles being linked the winner of the preliminary battles dictates which battles are fought next, the casualties being carried forward where applicable. There have been several of these campaign weeks in the past and they have all proved to be very popular, so much so that we have only two places left this year.

When you come along to the Wargames Holiday Centre you need bring no gaming equipment at all, I provide all the gaming tools, the figures and the table. I have even sorted out an incredible deal with a local three star hotel in order to allow you to get the best out of your gaming event. No herding of cats, no lengthy setups, no clearing all the tables and terrain away afterwards, just play the games you enjoy. I’ll even throw in club concessions.

So hopefully this will have cleared up some of the questions, all you need to do now is book up to refight your favourite battles.

See you soon.