Here is the final part of our General de Brigade Battle of Vitoria 1813, as mentioned in part 1 this was the attack of Sir Thomas Graham. Nearly all the figures shown here are from the collections of Andy Thomlinson (Andy also drew up the OoB for the game along with the map.) and Doug Birnie, the Villaviciosa dragoons are from the Wargames Holiday Centre and were painted by Paul Williamson over twenty five years ago, remarkable how well they have stood to the ravages of time.

I would also like to offer my thanks to Derek Oram who’s efforts in the first place, along with his skill with the printer made this all a very pleasurable experience. Last but not least Martin Standbridge, for playing fully in the spirit of the game and testing the rules and helping my understanding of the rules immensely.

Figures are from the Connoisseur Miniatures range available from Bicorne Miniatures

Figures from Elite Miniatures