I am jumping the queue a little with the input selection from the recent games, I have a long list of engagements that need to be entered onto these pages, however I really needed to show you some of the action from the Vitoria game here last weekend.

Four of the Gentlemen from the General de Brigade forum offered to help with a few queries I had regarding the rules and how things would work for the general public. Making sure that the players get enough figures and can get a grasp of the rules quickly is very important.

So the Battle of Vitoria 1813 was chosen and the part offered with Grahams attack across the river caught the attention of Mr Andy Thomlinson, Andy drew up the O.o.B and the map and along with his good friend Doug Birnie provided all the troops for the engagement (well when you have a load of beautifully painted figures yourselves you would want to get the toys on a table). I contributed the Spanish and a couple of regiments of French Dragoons.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have more than enough, having seen these guys 18mm figures and the photos in the rulebook I just couldn’t help myself I had to see the 28’s in their collection. So here goes!

The Battle really boiled down to the Allies attempting to cross the river as quickly as possible, with the thought to join up with the main allied army driving the French before them from the East. Four bridges were the focal points, that and the villages around them.

So in order to give you a glimpse of the fantastic figures we had the pleasure of playing with…..These are predominantly from the Front Rank Miniatures range and I have to say, very fine they are too!

I will bring you more photos of over the next few days, stay tuned.