The French after their initial attacks around Papelotte they are starting to reform for another attack, deciding to shoot the occupants out of the buildings… but in the distance dust can be seen so maybe it is too late… Perch’s corp has now been spotted driving in from the east, surely this will relieve the pressure around Papelotte.

The Prussians arrive

Elements of Perch’s corp arrive in the form of cavalry

The French guard cavalry rode hard to the ridge crashing into the three gun batteries there and cut them down to a man… the gunners died valiantly fighting for their position but couldn’t hope to hold in the face of the guard cavalry. All along the line the allied guns are finding it hard to keep firing and more and more are falling to the same fate, abandoned guns litter the ridge line.

Guard cavalry crash into the guns on the ridge

The first troops of guard cavalry ride into the British guns

The sound of more intense musket fire can be heard from the woods around Hougoumont as the French push on the position, seeing how few men are defending the walls the French now seem to want to attack the chateau.

Hougoumont's outer walls captured

French infantry from Bachelu’s corp capture the outer walls of Hougoumont

In the centre French infantry silence the muskets in La Haye Sainte, charging home to prise the farm from the defending Dutch Belgium infantry who stalwartly refused to give in with the Prince of Orange looking on from the ridge. Weight of numbers finally forcing the brave men out and away up the hill.

French capture La Haye Sainte

The French finally capture La Haye but the plucky Dutch Belgium infantry wont lay down and continue to fight from the back of the buildings