I was asked about the Pony Wars collection quite a few times over the last few years and a final enquiry from the other side of the pond galvanised me to put up some photos of the collection.

These were used as one day games between the Napoleonic and WWII to my knowledge. Peter Gilder used a simple set of rules that allowed the Cavalry to move around in troops, with dismounted options to engage the “Hostiles”. The Plains Indians worked on a rotation basis, with clouds of warriors appearing and disappearing as the cards (used to determine occurrences) and the cavalry intervention played it’s part.

All sorts of scenarios were devised by Peter and enjoyed by many attendees at the Wargames Holiday Centre over the years.

There are 130 Indian Mounted warriors, colorfully adorned with warpaint, 105 mounted Cavalry and 100 dismounted, the man himself, Custer. 8 Scouts, 8 mules, a gatling gun, 6 open order cavalry men, 5 settlers wagons, 6 Teepee’s and the Fort. (someone is bound to ask)

So for nostalgia sake, here they are in all their glory.