Last week I had the opportunity to visit the South West, I went to visit a very good friend of mine, Noel Bilson, the Garage Gamer. The aim of the visit was to return a few figures that I had borrowed in lieu of the Russians fast approaching from Reinforcements by post

While down at the Garage I also got the opportunity to get some figures out and run through a couple of scenarios with Noel, I know, it sounds mad but I still get a real buzz out of seeing really nicely painted figures on the table. Noel has some great regiments as well. Some of the really colourful ones such as the Isembourg regiment, the famous Neuchatel other Swiss line regiments.

He also has Kleve Berg, Saxe-Coburg, Hesse Darmstadt, Italians, Vistula Legion and the Corsican regiment. Alright I know some of these were only in existence for a year or so, but hey they were real and they look great interspersed with the French Line. I also caught sight of his command stands, WOW! He has some of the nicest French command I have ever seen.

Carabinier Trumpeter

Front Rank miniatures, Carabinier pre 1810 trumpeter and Heavy cavalry general.

One of Justin’s many command stands

Among the gamers that grace the Garage is a gentleman by the name of Justin Davey, he has painted and based a number of command stands and quite a few regiments of troops for the Bilson collection and I have to say, I am very impressed. Sadly I only managed to get one picture this time around, more next time as I think they’re worth it.

Many of the other command stands are from the stable of Julian Wates. Julian paints very few figures these days however the ones he does paint are simply breath taking!


An adjutant


Rear view

ADC with telescope

ADC with telescope.

There are five shades of colour on the shabraque alone!


A rear view of the same base.

Of course Perry Miniatures lend a lot to the look of the finished piece, however the paint job really sells it to me.


ADC looking over horse with Brigade commander.


A corps commander base, the level of detail from Julian is superb!

Corps command

Another view of the Command stand.


ADC Chasseur senior officer.

Noel also has a regiment from Firing Line Miniatures that now reside under the Bicorne miniatures banner. These are lovely figures with a lot of fine detail, the added bonus is that they come with seperate heads and occasionally the odd seperate arm, so there is plenty of veriety in the look of the regiment.

Wurttemburg Lights

Wurttemburg Jager zu Pferde.

These were painted by the veteran Chris Cornwell, great job!


Eugene de Beauharnais, modelled and painted by Doug Mason.

Close up

This was modelled by Doug, many many years ago and was presented to me by Mike Ingham, a great figure! It’s only on loan Noel. 😉

I’ll be bringing some more of Julians work to you all tomorrow.