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Emperor and Empress Cuirassier

The massed ranks of the Russian Heavies, forcing all opposing infantry into defensive squares

The Russian Field Marshal Kutuzov has been ordered to stop the advancing Giant, the Grande Armee. He has decided to make his stand at a small village called Borodino on the Kolocha River. Preparations have been made and a grand redoubt has been built, along with several defensive fleches, will it be enough though.
Over a quarter of a million men will meet in a titanic confrontation.

French columns, with Baden battalions in support

French columns file past a village, a Baden battalion can be seen in the background.

The Russians have seven infantry corps, along with five cavalry corps. The French oppose them with the Imperial Guard and a host of allies, Italy, Saxony, Poland, Wurttemburg and Westphalia combine to present five infantry corps including the Guard and five cavalry corps, including the cavalry of the guard.

French and Allies

The massed ranks of French infantry along with some allied divisions, in this case Nassauers.

Historically the bloodshed was enormous, with over 80,000 casualties on the day of the battle.
Some of my favourites

If it’s possible, from the many figures I have here at the centre, these are my favourites. More on these soon.

I intend to update you on the progress of the battle in the next few days.

The Imperial Guard "await the off"

The Old Guard positioned behind a grand battery of foot artillery of the Guard.