Well the visit to Salute went extremely well, I met a lot of potential visitors to the Centre and got to help promote the “project Hougomont” guys with a couple of tickets for the Wargames Holiday Centre, which was run on a private auction at the stand.

Puma Armoured Cars of the SS Recon.

SS Recon awaiting orders to engage the Paratroopers in Arnhem.

A friend of mine, John Lander and a cast of many thousands it seemed had put on yet another, now famous, 54mm WWII epic demonstrations. I just can’t resist putting a few photos on here just to highlight the amazing job he’s done with this. John has spent most of his spare time over the last 18 months building this set.

Command Section, Gepanzerte.

Command Section, Gepanzerte deploying from their Hanomags.

The kit is a fine array of different manufacturers, there are models scratch built, Airfix 1/32nd figures, such as the DAK which make fine late war German infantry. The array of heavy German armour, such as Panthers and Tigers was simply breath taking while the lighter kit such as the PZ IV’s and Stugs looked magnificent.

Stugs and captured French tanks.

Here are some of the tanks held in reserve, well their transport trays, beautifully turned out!

The best part about John’s demo has to be the work he carries out on the scenery, the buildings and in this case Arnhem bridge are superb. Ironically in all the excitement I didn’t get a proper photo of the bridge although you can see some of it in the other photo’s.

Paras covering the Bridge.

The British Paras covering the bridge, these chaps held on all day and managed to be the last on the bridge.

Deployment for the Paras was literally an air drop, purpose made counters were held on a metre length steel rule and tipped off from about 7-8 feet height, the corresponding squads wre then placed on the spot where the markers fell. Very authentic I thought!
The rules used are Crossfire, a fine set of quick and definitely playable rules.

Here are some more of the photo’s which I took of this fine game.


The German Gepanzerte deploying from their Hanomags.

Deploying in the Suburbs

The Germans begin to set up defensive positions.

Air Support

This fantastic model of a Hawker Typhoon makes a fine addition to the game.

Jeep Recce

British Para’s reconnoitre into the suburbs.

Movement in the Suburbs

The German counter attack is underway, time to dig in.

The battle for the landing zone begins in earnest.

The fight for the LZ heats up! The burning German tanks stand testament to the determination of the British troops defending it.

LZ deployment

Another view of the LZ at the start of the engagement.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s…