Operation Brunswick, Southern Sector Eastern Front Summer 1942
This weekend pits the might of the German Army against the Soviet forces. Based on the German offensive which led to Stalingrad, this game offers the chance for you to use our vast collection of WW2 figures and tanks in an Eastern front epic.
Set in the mid war period the game offers something different. Panzer IIIs, Lend lease tanks,Soviet cavalry and Fallschirmjager!
Historically the German advance was held up and allowed the Soviets to establish a defensive front at Stalingrad. What if their advance had been quicker?
Our game tweaks history, elements of the 7th Flieger division will seize a key crossing over the river Chir in advance of the Panzer Divisions
Can the Germans do better than history, reach and cross the Chir sooner or will the Soviet hordes stall the offensive?
You can decide!
Using our slightly adapted version of the ever popular Rapid Fire WWII rules. We offer a great chance to re-write the pages of history.