With troops from Bachelu’s division attacking Hougoumont, the French attacking force to the east of Hougoumount was able to push onto the end of the ridge with very little resistance.

French infantry push towards the end of the ridge east of Hougoumont

French infantry push towards the end of the ridge east of Hougoumont

The French continue to build their strength around La Haye Sainte getting ready to force their way up to the ridge top, but the plucky Dutch Belgium’s still refused to run and are standing at the back of the farm trading volleys with the occupiers.

French infantry hold La Haye Sainte

French Infantry in La Haye Sante fire down on the Dutch Belgium troops behind the farm.

The troops to the east of La Haye are now moving up to the ridge and forming line, whether trading volleys with the British line there is a good idea we will have to wait and see!

French infantry form line on the ridge

French infantry form lines at the top of the ridge in the centre to the east of La Haye Sainte

Having cleared the guns from the ridge in front of them the French guard cavalry are now looking for new targets and are forcing the infantry along the ridge to form square.

The Prussians are now arriving to the east of Papelotte this is forcing the French there to rethink and they have started forming a defensive line away from the village, but the arrival of the Prussians has also released the Young Guard and they are now moving to help out the French around Plancenoit.

Prussian reinforcements arrive near Papelotte

The Prussians have arrived to the east of Papelotte and are starting to push towards the town. With more of Perch’s corp coming on to the east of Plancenoit the French Young Guard is coming over to try and hold them off