Here is a new slot for the “Pic of the Day”, it will then be available for all to peruse through history. So you will all have the opportunity to glance back through the previous renditions.

Something I believe will be quite important for all the new figure reviews that are joining the Wargames Holiday Centre.

The general rallies the Grenadiers

The General of IV ArmeeKorps offers a rousing shout to the Grenadiers of the Reserve.

These figures are from the Old Glory stable, while a little small compared to the majority of the 28mm figures we have, they do offer a large range of quite dynamic poses. This vignette was painted and based by Julian Wates of Jupiter Colour fame. The flowers are a clever knack for using twisted string, with dabs of PVA left to harden then paint your chosen colour, instant flowers. The drum is a nice touch from the Victrix plastic figure range. I love the animation of the whole stand, to me it is very expressive and Julian has certainly captured the mood of the advancing “White Mass”.

More tomorrow.