Sadly I don’t have anything that would constitute a Halloween display, so I thought I’d share a snap shot of some more of Doug Mason’s work.

Bessieres and Aide de Camp

Bessieres and his aide de camp, in this case a senior Dragoon officer.

This small vignette shows the French Imperial Marshal Bessieres, charging at full tilt toward the enemy at the head of the Heavy cavalry serving under the Emperor Napoleon. In this case the Zastrow Cuirassier.

Another view

As yo may note these figures have been completely converted or tweaked.

The figures used here are originally Connoisseur Miniatures, the Dragoon is a French Line Dragoon officer, while the model for Bessieres was a Grenadier a Cheval figure.

Close up

More of a close up here, the level of detail is superb.

Doug now offers work in 54mm, check out more of his work at Doug Mason Miniatures

Borodino tomorrow.