Meanwhile at the villages of Aspern and Essling the French are hanging on, Gouvion St Cyr has arrived along with Nansouty’s heavy cavalry division.

French and Allied Cuirassier melee Austrian counterparts

Cuirassier melee for the central ground of the Marchfeld.

The Austrians have now begun their assaults upon the villages in earnest.

St. Cyr's Division moves to support Aspern.

Veterans of St. Cyr’s division move through Aspern to support the fight for the church yard.

I love these two battalions, originally done by Doug Mason, they have been tweaked and pinned in the usual Doug fashion, painted by the man as well, including the flags! Great stuff!

Vets of Molitors division

Veterans of St. Cyr’s division move through Aspern to support the fight for the church yard.

The veterans of Molitors division initially moved through the boggy ground east of Aspern, crossing one of the tributaries from the Danube, unfortunately the terrain gave the French men real trouble, unforming them throughout most of their time here. The skirmisher building full of riflemen and the Hungarian line battalion soon put pay to this though, overnight the veteran battalion had to be withdrawn as it had lost over forty per cent casualties!

The white rings indicate a casualty, we use this method for artillery and cavalry as well, as it reduces the amount of paperwork required, thus speeding up the games.

Bavarian Chevau leger and French Hussars

The light cavalry of Marulaz and Lasalle were thrown out to help screen the arrival of the French reserves.

During the fighting the light cavalry of both armies performed as “battle cavalry”, throwing themselves into the maelstrom!

Lasalles Division

The light cavalry of Lasalle seen from the Austrian side.

Here the Bavarian Chevau Leger and the French 5th Hussars attempt to stem the flow of Austrian’s in the centre!

Reserves manoeuvring into position

Infantry from Hohenzollern’s II Armeekorps advance on Essling.

The fighting in Aspern became intense throughout the afternoon, with the French losing the outskirts of the village to Austrian numbers!

Did the French get their reserves through overnight.

Find out tomorrow!