The recent game of Prokhorovka saw some worthy additions to the collection here at the Waragames Holiday Centre. In the first instance we needed a lot more Kommissars.

Divisional Kommissar

Divisional Kommissars from the TQD Castings range.

After researching the numerous figures available I decided to get some on from a number of manufacturers, the TQD Castings models looked great on their site and indeed they proved to be very neat figures to paint. They come with “slotts tabs” for their insertion into plastic bases, so these had to be removed in order to get them on suitable bases for our games.

Russian Divisional

Another angle on this divisional Kommissar command base.

The figures are all anatomically correct, what this means is that the features and weapons are all in the right proportions. I like the dynamic poses they offer, the variety of weaponry, captured German weapons etc. They all came without any flash, so cleaning up the figures was a doddle.

Line Battalion Kommisars

Here are some of the figures from the TQD Castings range painted up as Kommissars for the Line regiments.

Line Komm

The TQD Casting figures lend themselves to the use of Army painter dip, so a base block coat and then dipping means a quick turn around.

To paint the TQD Castings figures I used a Humbrol Dark Brown Acrylic spray, then block painted Russian Uniform, the Gun and leather work, the caps and trousers, the flesh and then painted on the dip, clearing excessive pooling of the Dark Tone before they dried. Sixteen figures in an hour, with a little dry brush after!