The battles for the Peninsular took a far more historical slant after these battles, with the junction at Talavera being fought over twice along with Salamanca.

The Spanish divisions

The French holding on during the battle of Toledo.

Here is another chance to see some of the fine Front Rank figures,

Spanish Line

A close up of the Spanish in squares. All from Front rank Miniatures

Spanish close up

Spanish in squares, supported by a battery in their later uniform, the artillery are from Elite miniatures.

The Spanish armies look fantastic, although their fighting prowess during this period ebbed and flowed.

During the Battle of Talavera the Spanish performed admirably, holding the suburbs of Talavera with over seven divisions of infantry and supporting artillery and cavalry.

Spanish Line

Spanish infantry in line.

I will be showing more of these fine figures over the next few days.

The fighting over the rest of the campaign was bloody, the Talavera battles being won by the Anglo Spanish and the French equally, while the Battles of Salamanca shared the same result. Overall the French managed to hold their territories and subdue three of the Spanish, the British regrouped in Portugal and looked to drive back into Spain while the Spanish themselves continued the Guerilla war, showing stalwart resistance in the South.

A Polish Division

A Polish division deploying at the Battle of Toledo.

Still more photo’s of the Peninsular Campaign week to come, however tomorrow I’ll show you a snippett of the huge battle we played out last weekend at the Battle of Prokhorovka.