I’ve been writing battle reports for a while and thought I’d offer something of a change. Whenever a battle is played out there is always a loser, or a loser of a winning draw, which seemed to be a favourite at the Wargames Holiday Centre. I believe that you all really want to see pictures of nice figures, with great terrain and some lovely looking flags, right?
So I wanted to try something a little different. Throughout my “Pic of the Day” I’ll be offering snippett’s of information and pictures from our games and leave the piecing together for yourselves.

69th Demi Brigade

Some accurately dressed French from our recent Marengo game.

I’ll still be offering as much information on the figures in the pictures as possible. The image above has figures from Bicorne (Bicorne French, no pun intended) and Elite Miniatures French infantry, painted up as Tirrailleurs du Po.

French defend the Fontanone

French infantry defending the Fontanone. Elite miniatures on the left, Connoisseur Miniatures on the right.

Close up.

A close up of the above image, again Elite miniatures on the left, Connoisseur Miniatures on the right.

I also like the way some of the various manufacturers can blend in with each other. These Austrian Command figures look great amidst the Connoisseur and Elite Miniatures.

Austrian Command

Austrian Command, Front Rank Miniatures, artillery by Connoisseur, while all the rest of the figures are from the Austrian Elite Miniatures collection.h5>

I’ll be bringing more soon.