Wagram, the conclusion.

Cuirassier from the Reserve

Neapolitan Cuirassier from the French reserve, they weren't at Wagram, but they do look nice, so why not. Figures are from Elite Miniatures

Austrian hussars

Over on the French right, the arrival of Marmont and the Guard cavalry emboldened the Armee of Italie and a general advance ensued. The retiring Austrian line troops broke under the pressure and ended up pinning the Reserve cavalry hastening to the scene. While this all remained pinned for a while it eventually came good and saw off the Guard cavalry Lights and some of the Line cavalry, thus saving the Austrians allowing them to retire in something of a good order.


Austrian Uhlans from the Reserve Corps.pinned in position by the retreating Line infantry.

On the Austrian right, the two Line Corps were under more pressure from the Saxons, the cavalry melee had seen off most of the Saxon heavies, while the remaining French reserve cavalry pushed on into the Austrian lines. The Austrian Right was teetering!

Guard Horse rtillery and Empress Dragoons

French Guard Horse move out to engage the Austrians on the French right.

In the Centre the village of Aderklaa was the climactic point of the game, a regiment of Neapolitan Chasseurs formed up and charged the 6 pdr battery supporting the village while the columns of the Young Guard and the Old Guard marched resolutely into the volleys coming from the village. The Guard fired a huge volley at effective range and with a cry of “Vive Le Empereur!!” charged headlong into the village.

Charge home

This regiment of light cavalry sccessfully charged home into the 6 pounder battery.

The defending Austrian battalion held it’s fire until the French were within effective range then let them have it! The volley took out over 100 men (8 figures) across four young guard battalions, still the French came on! The first round of melee saw the Austrians win, the French morale held, the second round saw two battalions of Old Guard and one more young guard supporting, while the Austrians threw in four more fresh 48’s…the luck of the dice saw the Austrians lose this round and their morale held! Te final round saw the Austrians throw in a final 48 man battalion, after this final round the French had still won by 2 figures and the Austrians broke…..the French had taken the village, but at what cost? Over the six battalions of Guard involved, nearly half were lost, but the battle was a win for the French, the Austrian Emperor would surely sue for peace now!

Moving into the attack

French line approaching the Russbach.

Tirailleur du Po

French infantry across the Russbach, figures by Elite Miniatures.

The reserve Cavalry

French cavalry from their Cavalry Reserve.

Grenadier et Cheval

More of the Guard heavies moving into the attack.

The Guard moving toward Aderklaa

The French centre approaches the environs of Aderklaa, the columns of the Guard can just be made out in the distance.

A great game with some fantastic players, lot of new players as well with some really refreshing tactical choices which really threw the older hands! The Austrian left, attacking with the Reserve corps was a masterpiece which very nearly came off, the Austrians held the opposing bank for a few hours before deciding that discretions was the better part of valour.