The Imperial Guard advance!

Guard Band

The French Guard advances, all the figures here are from Bicorne Miniatures .

The Reserve artillery in the shape of one of the 12pdr Batteries had already exacted a heavy toll on Massena’s corps, it now steeled itself to stop the advance of the Guard.

Austrian 12pdr Guns

The Austrian reserve 12pdrs prepare to stop the Guard.

Bernadotte’s Corps of Saxons were pushing harder on to Klenau and Kollowrath on the Austrian far right, the cavalry melee was still ongoing.

The Saxon Guard Grenadiers

The Saxon Guard Grenadiers advance within the Corps of Bernadotte.

Irish Legion

Irish Legion in the centre here, painted many years ago for the WHC.

The casualties in Aderklaa mounted as the French brought their batteries to bear, the garrison took enormous punishment before it was decided to step back in good order and allow a replacement in to meet the Guard.

The battle on the Austrian right.

As seen looking toward Aderklaa, the Austrians are about to receive the assault from Bernadotte.

The battle on the Austrian left saw the French begin to push them back across the Russbach, this time the casualties would mount on Marmont’s Corps and what was left of the Armee d’Italie.

A point of jest!

A moment of hilarity on the French right!

In the centre the Austrian’s were moving their Cavalry to help stop the advance of the Guard, it was still going to be a tight guess as to who would win this battle.


Austrian Light Dragoons, from the Elite Miniatures range.

The culmination will be brought to you tomorrow.