Wagram continued.

The Austrian reserve corps had failed in driving in the French right, the timely arrival of Marmont and the Guard cavalry helped facilitate this, so now was the time to press the attack from the French point of view and Aderklaa seemed the best option.

Austrian Line.

The Austrians begin to reform on the second line behind the Russbach

On the French left, Bernadotte, supported by regiments from the Cavalry reserve were pressing Kollowrath and Klenau. The huge swirling melee’s of cavalry surging to and fro across the entire flank!

Dragoons engage Cuirassier

The Austrian Dragoons take on the French Cuirassier, led by Bessieres.

Another view of the Austrian Dragoons take on the French Cuirassier backed up by some Neapolitan Dragoons.

The Austrians saw the inevitable mass of the Guard and manoeuvred their reserves to block the path, any spare troops were brought to the Aderklaa area, could they stop them?

Bicorne Miniatures Imperial Guard Band

Guardsmen led by the Imperial French band, miniatures by Bicorne, painted and based by One man and his brushes.

The Austrians on their far right began to fall back and form a second line, making the village of Aderklaa an even greater breaking point!


Hungarian Fusiliers, painted by Reinforcements by Post, all figures are from the superb Elite Miniatures range.

Without pause the forces of Bernadotte forged ahead, the battle began to take on more casualties, whole battalions being cut down during the melee on the Austrian right.

Close up

A close up of the Hungarians, a lovely paint job. Elite miniatures really add to the painters ability. There is a lot of relief on the figure allowing ease of painting.

Later uniforms

The Austrian infantry here are of later uniforms, mainly the shako. Elite Miniatures painted by Reinforcements by post.

In the centre of the battle the duel across the Russbach intensified a little when a regiment of Hussars moved across the bridge hoping to draw the French away from their retiring infantry.

Austrian Hussars

The Austrian Hussars move across the Russbach to offer the retiring infantry time..


The Hungarian infantry look to block the bridge, more fine figures from Elite and painted by reinforcements by post.

I’ll bring you the culmination tomorrow.