The other battle raging at this time was the one just to the North East of Cuidad Rodrigo. The British had a holding force at the Citadel, while two French Corps under St Cyr and Lefebvre had manoeuvred to block Moores lines of communications. Sir John Moore turned and advanced on the French determined to crush the French army.
The final French assault.

The final shot of the Battle of Gerona, with the French pushing into the centre.

The British deployed on a ridge just outside Cuidad Rodrigo and the French approached with their columns of infantry, drums beating! French light Cavalry on the flanks was engaged by British and K.G.L. Lights and the batteries opened fire on the advancing French infantry.

The light Battailon of the Hesse Darmstadt Regiment.

The Hesse Darmstadt regiment, leads the assault against the British.

Advancing into the teeth of the British Artillery the French took some real punishment, however they still came on! The French cavalry and the British fought in swirling masses on the flanks of the ridge hoping to either gain or deny the other access!

French Hussars

The French light cavalry move out the 6th Hussars in this case.

Guns on the ridge began to take some punishment, with one of the British Batteries losing a gun early on!

5th Hussars

The French 5th Hussars charge into the fray.

These two regiments are new additions to the Wargames Holiday Centre, both painted, converted and based by the legendary Doug Mason. There has also been a wealth of other fine additions more on that later though.

The British began to feel the pressure on the ridge and released their heavy cavalry as the French got closer, again the cavalry fought hard for the control of the area of key importance, in this case the flanks of the advancing columns. The French gained the upper habd however and the advance continued.

One of the Line regiments.

The second battalion of Hesse Darmstadt infantry, this time line.

The French launched an assault up the ridge and were punished for their efforts, however there was a second brigade closing in, this one of greater size! The routing mass falling back from the ridge was rallied and appeared to be re-organising for another assault. It was just at this point, the Highlanders advanced, firing a close rnage voley into the mass. This saw them off and left the British time to re-deploy for the second assault.

Well there will be more on this next week, there’s the battle for Prokhorovka being played out this weekend and the prelimanary work is taking longer than expected, it takes time to re-bacse over 130 T34’s you know!

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