The Gerona battle looked to be a tough one for the Spanish, whenever we use the Spanish we adopt slightly different rules to reflect their somewhat unreliable nature in this period. During this campaign, they would bahave as second class line and have line morale, the downside is that they only use two d6 instead of the usual 3d6.

a href=”″ rel=”attachment wp-att-2715″>The Spanish at Gerona

The Spanish deploy for the battle in Gerona.

The majority of the Spanish on display here are from Front Rank Miniatures, I have to say the faces and the detail on the figures makes them a real pleasure to paint.

French at Gerona<

French troops flood onto the plain.

The troops here are a mix of ranges, including Connoisseur, Bicorne and Elite Miniatures. The French were very aggressive from the off in this battle, pummelling the weaker Spanish Artillery and driving forward en-masse.

Line Cavalry

Spanish Line Cavalry from the Front Rank Minatures, these are from the collection of Philip Marshall.

The fighting was fierce, the Spanish conducting themselves quite respectfully. Their cavalry were operating as line troops, however they suffered a minus 3 for Morale and Breakthrough. This makes them a somewhat fragile force that is unlikely to initiate charges or break formed infantry.

Villaviciosa Dragoons

Here is a squadron of the Villaviciosa Dragoons, these are again from the Front Rank stables, lovely!

The battle raged for something like nine hours, with the Spanish finally quitting the field, leaving a battery of their artillery and around six battalions dead on the field. The cavalry then managed to cover the retreat toward the North, along the coast, Barcelona and Gerona were now in French hands however and the Jubta’s army began to dissolve! Tarragona was the only town left in Spanish hands in the Catalonian province.


A regiment of Spanish Lancers, again Front Rank Miniatures!

There’s quite a range of Spanish within the Front Rank Miniatures range, they have twenty Guerrilla figures alone. All the Line infantry, cavalry and Artillery are also covered. One small seslction in their vast catalogue. I fully recommend them.