Way back in April, a friend of mine John Lander put on a truly magnificent display of WWII history. A recreation of Arnhem on 54mm. Since then he’s been talking about running a game here at the Wargames Holiday Centre. Well it’s been decided that Goodwood will be the game and it has been booked over and instead of the Talavera weekend.

The battlefield will encompass the whole table, including the gap, how will we reach the figures I hear you all cry! Well John has a fiendishly smart plan but I don’t intend to give too much away, you’ll have to see for yourselves.

Arnhem Bridge

Puma armoured cars attempting the first crossing.

Close up

Unfortunately/fortunately they didn’t make it.

I’ll be putting more tasters for this on in the next few weeks. Truly magnificent stuff…..I can’t wait!

More on Monday, we hasve the pivotal Battle of Marengo this weekend. Will Napoleon become Emperor?