The Fighting on the French right intensified with more French troops committed to the fray!

French Line and Gardes

The French pour fire from marshy ground.

The Gardes Francais and Cuirassier du Roi move to the attack.

Cuirassier and Gardes

The French House hold troops get into the line

The Central Reserve is unleashed by Marlborough, Prussians, Hessians and Hanoverians move out to the attack on the French lightly held Centre.

Hesse-Cassel troops

Hessians and more Germans move forward in march column to get to the front line


Troops from the Electorate of Hanover march into a hail of fire from the French.

Casualties began to mount on the Allied right, the French Gardes were taking a heavy toll on Orkneys wing, help was on it’s way however! If only he could hold.

Hesse and Prussia

The Hessians and Prussians deploy into the line.

The French were inspired by their Commanders on their left, Vive la Roi!

Vive La Roi!

The French commanders inspired their troops to great efforts

Many of the British battalions on the allied right were down to fifty percent, still they held, trading blow for blow with the redoubtable Gardes Francais…

Casualties Mount

Another fresh battalion steps into the British firing line!

The Gardes Francais had by now lost over forty five percent casualties, their commander was reminding me after each round what the tally of dead was! After one round he lost forty figures in one turn of firing, across all four battalions!

The butchers bill was the same on the British side.

I’ll bring you the conclusion to this great battle next week, stay tuned!