The allied right began to descend into carnage with volleys being exchanged all along the banks of the Little Gheete.

The line of battle

Actually taken during the early stages of Saturday afternoon, the lines can clearly be seen.

Over on the Allied left the Bavarians wihdrew from Franquenay, forming a second line of defence with the survivors of the garrison of Franquenay being heralded as heroes on their return to the lines. Of the four battalions in the garrison only one remained at full strength, the others being sent to the rear.

Cuirassier and Carabinier

The Bavarian Garde and the Cuirassier move into the line.

The cheering diminished however at the sight of the Allied line advancing with the bloodied Danes and Dutch manoeuvring into battle lines and advancing upon the Bavarian troops.

The Dutch advance.

Dutch troops deploy into line to advance on the Bavarian defending line.

The Bavarian cavalry moved into the line to bolster the troops, Cuirassier and Carabinier forming battle lines to face the Danish and British Horse. Supporting the Cuirassier were the much vaunted Bavarian Garde du Corps! The fighting was about to pick up a pace.

Bavarian Carabinier

The Carabinier of the Bavarian army look to engage the British Horse

The clash between the two flanks was becoming more and more bloody. Marlborough still had his central reserve to deploy, there appeared to be very few troops in the Franco-Bavarian centre, some cavalry and a few Irish mercenaries, could the time be right for a thrust.