Take a look at the Austrian side of the Aspern Essling battle, the battle raged for the full two days. The majority of the infantry battalions in our Austrian army are 48 figures strong. These can be somewhat unwieldy, however they absorb a hell of a lot of punishment before they break!

Austrian column of Attack

Austrian infantry in column of attack, approching Essling.

These figures are from our Elite miniatures collection, painted and tweaked by Doug Mason.


One of the many melee’s outside Essling.

These are the same battalions from the previous picture, now embroiled in a life or death struggle with their French counterparts.

Grenadiers of D'Aspre's division.

The Grenadiers of d’Aspre’s division, storm into the village of Essling.

These chaps are more of the Elite miniatures range, they are a very nice figure, painted and based by Dave Dochert, from One man and his Brushes fame.

In the centre the cavalry melee’s were just as desperate, the Guard Cavalry presented and conducted themselves well.

Empress Dragoons with Austrian Hussars

Empress Dragoons thunder into the plucky Austrian Hussars.

This particular melee started well, although the supporting squadrons for the French were pinned, so this fine regiment was eventually cut down by the Austrian light cavalry! The Dragoons were painted by Doug Mason and are Elite Miniatures, while the Austrian Hussars are Connoisseur Figures and were painted by Mark Allen I believe!

More tomorrow.