Here are a few views of the assault by Graebners SS Recon across the Arnhem bridge, the fighting for Arnhem was intense, both sides contesting every inch of ground.

Opening assault

The assault across the bridge picks up pace.

The early attempts to cross the bridge were thwarted somewhat by the Paras deploying a makeshift minefield, the SS Recon needed skill checks to traverse, the plucky commander of Graebners troops had mixed results with this.


The armoured assault picks up pace.

The allied troops sent from the landing zone attempted to stop the recon getting across, but it was a hefty task, what with Spindler beginning to make his presence felt the other side of Oosterbeek and Arnhem, troops destined for Arnhem were getting sucked into the fighting for Oosterbeek.

Stugs block the way.

The Stug detachment made it down to the river with a battalion of infantry to block the route for any support.

The commander of Spindlers forces is a wiley ol’ gamer and managed to successfully block the route to the bridge with crossfire coming from Panthers and Stugs. The paras from the 4th Parachute brigade struggled against these goliaths, their 6 pdrs having to be moved from the drop zone to Oosterbeek. The 17pdrs were devoid of infantry support in Oosterbeek after successful German infantry assaults and at the cost of only one stug the battery was overrun allowing the push to the river to succeed for the German forces.

Another angle on the assault

Graebner was finding it harder to get past the burning vehicles, still Frostie and his boys hung on.

The bridge clears.

The bridge clears and the SS Recon push on, still more pain was to come as the Paras 6pounder battery opened up.

The fight really picked up a pace, the Polish Para brigade was imminent it appeared, but nothing had gone to plan so far, so would they turn up in time or indeed had their landing zone been overrun already?

The fight was by no means over, the commander of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Parachute Brigade was determined to hold on…….nothing was going to move him!