The battle of Ramillies raged on, the fighting aound Offus, and Autre-Eglise picked up a pace, with Orkneys troops of the right wing deploying in lines to exchange volleys with the now advancing French infantry.

British Infantry

The British battalions deploy into line ready to give fire to the advancing French.

The Gardes Francais moved up in columns behind the front regiments of French foot, ready to deploy into the line in their turn.

French advance.

French line deploy forward of the advancing Garde Francais.

The Battle of the Horse was conducted on the extreme right of the Allied line, Dragoons from both sides exchanging volleys, their success was limited here though, with very few casualties. The British brought forward two of their medium guns, to a close range in order to support the infantry duel.

British Dragoons

British Dragoons move forward to give fire to their French counterparts

It was during this period that the French Horse brought forward the Cuirassier du Roi, the idea being a rush to remove the artillery threat.

Cuirassier du Roi

The French Cuirassier du Roi rumble forward

The French got across the Little Gheete stream in fairly good order and began to press the British Line. The cavalry and Infantry duel began to take it’s toll! The artillery began to lob shot into the cavalry and infantry in front of them.

The Duke of Marlborough

The Duke of Marlborough looks to deploy the Central Reserve,

On the Jandrenouille, Marlborough deliberated on where to send his central reserve!