Well as you all know we had a right ol’ dong dong here at the Wargames Holiday Centre last week. The Austrians giving the French a good thrashing!

I took lots of images through the weekend and thought it worth continuing the presentation of these for your delictation.

Austrian Cuirassier.

Austrian Cuirassier, painted and tweaked by the master himself, Mr Doug Mason.

These are from the Elite miniatures range, a lovely model! They really give the feel of “heavy cavalry”!

Austrian Infantry

Austrian Infantry, painted and based by Chris Cornwell.

These are the infantry that Chris has been covering on his blog, using the Army Painter soft tone I believe, the finish is really nice, I also like the matt finish, it lends a softer tone to the paint job, pardon the pun!! The figures are again from the Elite Miniatures collection.

Sadly for us, Chris has been inundated with work so the updates have been sorely missed. That said Chris tells me that he hopes to get back into the swing of the updates very soon. I think you’ll find the blog very interesting reading to date anyway.

More tomorrow.