Well guys here are some more juicy images of the recent Arnhem game.

Arnhem high street.

Arnhem high street, Paras seeking refuge in the buildings, preparing for the expected onslaught.

The figures we use are mostly SHQ and FAA, however in recent searches I found a really nice set of models from a Company C-P Models, who also stock TQD Castings, well the Paras are absolutely lovely models. I’ll be running a spot light on these early next week.

TQD Paras

Paras from the TQD Castings range, the figure at the back right is an SHQ Miniatures airbourne artilleryman.

I mangaged to build some great looking engineer battalions, Glider Pilot battalions along with Piat teams using this range from TQD Castings.


Flammpanzers from Knaust’s Kampfgruppe.

These proved to be quite a thorn in the side of the air landing brigade, after taking out the first three these last two proved near impossible to stop. The 6pdr anti-tank guns failed to stop them and were then overrun by the tanks infantry support. These two chased the Air landing and 4th Para all the way to Oosterbeek.

I plan to run a spotlight on the day with the Reigate club as well, they used Rapid Fire rules and all their own figures, they have a very impressive collection between the participants, managing to fill the table from one end to the other more on that later. In the meantim check out the You tube “Rapid Fire at the WHC” it’s very entertaining.