Well the Peninsular Campaign went very well, new ideas were tried by the combatants, the British wanted to see if they could take on the French without the Spanish initially and found that it was a tough nut to crack.

Defending the Walls

Spanish Line defending a wall,the figures are from Front Rank Figures and i think the sculptor has captured the whole look of the Spaniard about them.

They faired much better with a Spanish army in support. The French avoided grouping any of their Corps beyond two corps to avoid attrition, (although this wasn’t for the want of trying) which seemed to work well. The Spanish were very aggressive, which is commendable and this seemed to work better with the British support!

French Assault

French assault on the Allied centre, the majority of the figures are Connoisseur and Elite Figures.

Battery power

A French Battery softens up the Spanish lines.

The manoeuvring to and fro resulted in the guys fighting at Talavera and at Salamanca twice, I guess these are quite strategic places after all! The battles were hard fought, the Spanish acquitting themselves very well. Honour remained even after the two battles though.

Lancers and Heavies

Spanish line cavalry takes on French lancers, the Spanish are Front Rank, while the Lancers are Connoisseur.

Spanish Squares

Spanish infantry in Square supported by a battery of their artillery.

Overall though the French definitely held the upper hand in the campaign. The northern territories were held by Soult and Ney while the central Spanish provinces remained in French hands. Madrid was threatened twice but the French beat this off!


Spanish squares in close up, the infantry in the fore ground I believe are Old Glory miniatures, however these have been tweaked slightly by Bill Gaskin.

The week was a great success all ten players have put themselves down for next year already. Don’t worry though, there is still four places left for the week, so you’ll get your chance.

Assaulting the heights

Spanish infantry assault a French strongpoint in the line, figures are Connoisseur mostly.

Irish Regiment

Spanish foreign regiment prepares to repulse a French assault.

Close up

Spanish infantry in squares, a close up of the fantastic head gear.

Defensive lines

The French Defensive line in one of the latter battles.

Cavalry melee

Spanish Heavies and French Lights melee.

French Dragoons move into position

Marshal Ney oversees the placement of his Dragoon division.


Wurzburgers from the German division assault a ridge, this is one of Doug Masons specials, he painted and tweaked two battalions of these for the W.H.C.

Tomorrow some of the pictures from Ramillies!