I thought I’d show some of our town piccies along with a bit more of the German kit.

Outskirts of Arnhem

German infantry moving into the suburbs of Arnhem.

We had the equivalent of seventeen battalions of German infantry around Arnhem the landing zone and Oosterbeek, that’s not counting the SS recon and armoured units. The British had the equivalent of fourteen, a very tough fight all in all.

Local Air support

German air cover move in to ensure the British Air get nowhere near the German armour.

Our air combat rules ensured that only some of the British air support sorties got through.

Arnhem defence

Defence in depth, the 6pdr anti-tank guns are revealed from ambush

The Reigate club are here at the Wargames Holiday Centre en masse, they want to run out some of their own figures and terrain and introduce me to the “Rapid Fire” ruleset, more on that later.