Overnight the divisions of Lannes Corps arrived, along with the French Guard, the combatants fell back and bedded down for the night, in the villages of Apsern and Essling, this was within pistol shot of each other.

Young Guard fight to re-capture Aspern

Young Guard from Curial’s division fight for the village of Apsern.

The Austrians renewed their assault on the villages, in force.

Austrian Line

The assault on Aspern is renewed.

In the centre across the Marchfeld the Austrians deployed their forces in depth in attempt to contain the French.

Austrian Centre

Ausrian forces deployed in depth to contain the French.

The Imperial Guard deployed just south of Aspern along with the Young Guard, while Lannes Corps deployed in and around Essling, allowing Legrand and Boudet’s divisions (Massena’s Corps) to fill some of the Centre.
The reserve Cavalry Corps deployed across the remaining gap between the two villages, that was seven regiments of Cuirassier and Carabinier on the table!
In front of them the Austrian Corps Liechtenstein and Hohenzolllern deployed in the centre with the support of Hesse-Homburg.

Hohenzollern and Hesse-Homburg

Hohenzollern and Hesse-Homburg forces deployed to hold back the French Heavy Cavalry.

The Guard attempted to re-capture the outskirts of Aspern but ran into trouble when the supporting troops were enfiladed by Austrian rifle armed skirmishers, the resulting melee and morale checks saw a large part of the Young Guard falling back, pinning the columns of Dorsenne’s Old Guard.

Dorsenne's division

Dorsenne’s Old Guard moving to support the Young Guard.

It was just after the initial routs from the Young Guard that a squadron of Hussars appeared through a gap in the hedge between the buildings in Aspern and charged into the confused mass, over two hundred figures were removed as a result, crushing the Guard formations.

The resulting confusion was enormous.

What was happening over at Essling? Find out tomorrow.