Here is a chance to play out one of our popular one day games.

As I am running a series of one day games over the next year and this is perceived as one of the starter games I am offering it at an introductory rate of £50. A 30% discount on the usual rate.

“This is a fictional battle based on the earliest clashes of the campaign in Belgium. As the Allies attempt to establish themselves on the River Dyle, the German Panzers are looking to find any weak spots and break through. Masses of tank vs tank action will occur in the campaign’s largest tank battles.”

The chance to play as one of the Allied commanders or one of the Third Reich’s most dynamic commanders.

The game will start at 09.00, sides will be chosen and then it’s into the game itself by 09.30. Lunch will be included along with Tea and Coffee throughout the day.

You need not bring anything with you, I provide everything, rules, measures, dice, terrain and importantly figures. All the formations commanded are of a really decent size. so no small units, it’s all battalion and regimental levels.

Take a look at my other posts on WWII for an insight.