Following on from my feedback at the Colours show last weekend, I was bowled over by the enthusiasm for the One Day games. the other questions arising was what’s it all about, how many figures do you have and what size are the tables? I was also quizzed on the types of rules I use and some of the details surrounding them.

So in an effort to combine the answers for these I am holding a kind of open day, this will also combine a gaming experience which will allow you all to sample some of the Wargaming which is synonymous with the Wargames Holiday Centre.

All you guys need to do is drop me a line and let me know how many places you need. These are set at £20.00 each and are put toward the costs of the day. I have 10 places for each of the battles on offer. These will be a Napoleonic and an ACW game utilising the full width of our tables.

I look forward to meeting you all.