Last year I laid my hands on some of the Firing Line Miniatures figures. These are quite well hidden under the Bicorne Miniatures banner, which is sad as these are some of the nicest figures I have seen in a while.

The new boys thunder past.

The new boys thunder past.

The thing with this manufacturer is that the horses are exceptionally well proportioned anatomically and in my humble opinion look like horses should.

The 1st Squadron

The 1st Squadron.

All the figures have separate heads, (oh no, how many heads to stick on??? I hear you cry!) which is a real bonus as this allows a variety of styles of headgear. I like the look of a regiment that has subtle variety, you know, a bicorne here, bandaged head, bonnet de Police etc. When adhering the head it is exceptionally easy with these, the collar has the right space “hole” to fit the lug from the head. This allows the bodies to create a variety of different figures as well, thus representing various regiments.

A good example of the heads and the sword arms.

A good example of the heads and the sword arms.

Front view

Close up

The troopers of this Wurttemburg regiment come with a separate sword arm as well, which allows various positions and a change of a pistol with sword dangling from the wrist. All for that important variety.

Another view of the horses

A good look at the Horses.

The Napoleonic French range, as well as the Wurttemburger’s is exceptionally good.

Bonnet de Police

A look at the variety of heads again.

Anyway enough about the figures, these were built and painted by none other than Chris Cornwell of Itinerant Wargamer, he’s also working on a few battalions of infantry as well and I’ll be reviewing those in months to come.

Officer and trumpeter

Officer and Trumpeter

I’ll let you all judge the look of the figures themselves. Chris has his usual attention to detail with these and mighty fine they look when arrayed on the table. They have yet to taste battle however, although this will be remedied very soon. I imagine, as with all new, shiny figures, they will under perform or indeed get wiped out! Such is the lot of the wargamer.

At the gallop.

More of the Trumpeter and Officer figure.

My thanks go to Chris for such a fantastic looking addition to the Wargames Holiday Centre. I hope you like the look of them.

The review of Austerlitz next week.