Last month the Battle for Arnhem bridge was refought at the Wargames holiday Centre. Using the Flames of War rules, I needed just a few more battalions added to the collection.

Radio and command

Command squad, with radio and Glider Pilots.

Browsing the internet, looking specifically for British Airborne I came across these figures from TQD Castings. The images on the website showed some really animated, beautifully painted models, with plenty of poses and just the right weaponry I was looking for!

Command Squad

Command squad.

I needed Piats and engineer types along with sub machine gunners for the Glider Pilot battalion.

More glider pilots

More of the TQD Casting Paras in the town of Arnhem.

The figures have slotta base style bases, which for me mean’t a little work in fitting them to my marine ply bases, let me tell you it was worth it. I clipped the metal slot off the bottom, then with the aid of a little putty and superglue stuck them in position.

Close up

Close up of a Glider Pilot squad.

More from the close up

Glider Pilot squad.

Painting the figures was straight forward, the denison smocks had a base coat of brown, then two colours of mid green and beige for the camo. The webbing was a lighter brown and then army painter. Job done!

in the streets

Another close up.

The detail on these sculptures is second to none, this really lends itself to the use of things like Army painter as this enhances anything like this, the light camo was toned down, while the webbing was picked out!

Combined TQD and SHQ

To give you an idea of how these combine with other ranges, the figure at right back is an SHQ para.

The Piat teams come in two poses, there’s a team firing in a prone position and another on the move. Unfortunately the prone ones didn’t make the table for the game, so ours all show advancing teams. I have to say again, they look fantastic on the bases, if only I had the time to get the prone teams done as well, just not enough hours in the day!


I also used the figures for the engineer detachments, there are a number of anti tanl figures besides the Piats.

The engineer company was represented by the type of figure with the gammon bombs and large grenades.

I have some great figures covering the Russian front as well, in the shape of some NKVD officers, look out for them at Prokhorovka!